At IMS people, we are proud of the diverse range of projects we have delivered across UK, Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. On this page you will find a selection of case studies that demonstrate some of the solutions we have delivered for our clients.

New client wins required VMS/MSP support from IMS

Successfully supported the agency with new client wins for the VMS/MSP sector and grew from 12 to 22 recruiters in a span of 8 months.

Database Regeneration for a Healthcare Agency

Successfully updated 10,000 records for a healthcare agency leading to savings to the tune of 50% on time and cost.

Audit and compliance for top USA staffing company

Completed audits for 300 branches for a top ten USA commercial staffing company.

Sourcing of Healthcare Professionals

Sourced and updated details for over 18000 records for the client enabling them to successfully develop a new business area.

Sourcing for a Healthcare Staffing Expert

USA based healthcare staffing experts partner with IMS with 24.7 recruiting model to strengthen their operations and alleviate delivery shortfalls.

VMS/MSP support for an Executive Search Expert

Unique recruitment process meant a bespoke VMS/MSP support approach for this executive search firm. IMS delivered improved results and placements.

Generating Active Candidates for the client

Staffing firm required support after new business wins, IMS helped solve their issues by generating active candidates for specialist roles.

Job Posting and Application management for an Engineering giant

Time consuming job posting and applications management was stifling a staffing company’s growth until IMS stepped in with expert support.

Managing Full Cycle Recruitment for the client

Boosted ROI for a specialist staffing firm by 230% by managing their lower margin VMS recruitment.

Full cycle recruitment support for an Engineering client

Engineering and industrial recruitment firm partners with IMS to deliver full cycle recruitment and VMS support to required service levels.

Mapping a pool of senior level candidates in the HR industry

Successfully generated a pool of C-level candidates for a USA Advisory sector project for an agency in the human resources industry.

Database regeneration for a large Oil & Gas client

Regenerated 45000 records for the client’s global database yielding excellent results.

Marketing support for an Engineering client

Supported a USA engineering recruiter to attract more clients and candidates through a range of marketing sales support activities.

Sourcing and screening

Specialist USA recruiter reduces onsite recruiter costs and increases qualified candidates and hires with sourcing and screening support from IMS.

Full cycle recruitment for a Canadian agency

Canadian recruitment agency benefits from quality hires at reduced cost with IMS People’s Full cycle recruitment.

Reference check and background screening

Supporting client’s recruiters to fill more orders by ensuring high quality reference checking and background screening.

VMS Coordination

Specialist USA recruiter was looking for help maintaining and coordinating end client VMS. IMS People supported with a 5 people team leading to increase in fill rates and improved score card ranking.

Accountancy services for UK based NHS Framework agency

Established a cost effective accounting function including pay roll, credit control, tax payments and more for UK healthcare sector agency.

Market mapping for a Digital Media agency

Empowering a UK digital media agency to target new territories via strategic market mapping

Out of hours service for an NHS Framework Agency

Providing a round the clock service to ensure an NHS framework agency is able to provide 24 hour customer support.

Passive search for UK Banking and Financial Services Client

IMS provides Passive Search expertise in, delivering UK candidates across a wide range of roles.

UK recruiter support for an NHS framework doctor recruitment agency

Generated an ROI of 600% by placing locum doctors for a UK NHS framework doctor recruiter agency to increase quality of registered candidate numbers.

Recruiting doctors for an NHS framework recruitment agency in the UK

Generated a 400% revenue growth for a UK NHS framework doctor recruitment agency.

Full cycle recruitment support for New York based staffing solutions agency

IMS delivers VMS support for their agency client’s new healthcare sector clients enhancing their long term working relationship.

Delivering MSP/VMS support for a Chicago based healthcare staffing agency

IMS seamlessly delivering quality MSP/VMS support for a Chicago based healthcare recruitment agency.

Accounting and payroll services for a digital media client

Set up and streamlined the accounting process for the digital media client. IMS helped them generate cost savings of 60% and reduced accounts receivable by 71%.

Sourcing & Candidate Loyalty Program for an Engineering & Manufacturing Giant

Filled 30% of the client vacancies by implanting a sourcing and a referral program for the client.

Out of Hours Support for a Nurses Recruitment Agency

Helped provide 24×7 coverage to the agency and in addition booked 3500 hours in the first 5 months.

Healthcare Compliance for a Nurses Recruitment Agency

Reactivated 3000 candidates and made over 700 candidates fully compliant within 6 months period.

Database regeneration for a large Oil & Gas client

Regenerated 45000 records for the client’s global database yielding excellent

360 Degree Voice Recruitment for a leading IT Staffing company

Helped the client in maintaining a great scorecard, helping them gain 4 new clients and growing their business by 86% in last 12 months.

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