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Hello Everyone! Monsoon season is just around the corner and we are all ready to relish the rains with a hot cup of memories from our employee’s journey at IMS People Possible. Yes, we are back with our employee spotlight blog and the spotlight for this month is on Mark Smith- Senior VP- Operations at IMS People Possible.
Mark- a person who joined IMS People Possible as a Client Relationship Manager and was stubborn enough to stick to his goals.

Let’s know Mark’s 10 years journey at IMS People Possible and how he managed to reach this height of his career:

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a) When did you join IMS and what were your job responsibilities back then and what is it now?

I embarked on this journey with IMS People Possible on 15th April 2007. Back then, I used to source and headhunt candidates. Throughout these years, I’ve witnessed phenomenal career growth and my role has evolved a lot. Presently, my role is very strategic in nature as I’m involved in Key Account Management, Process Improvements and Managing Top/bottom line profitability to name a few!

b) A person who had a great contribution in your 10 years of the journey?

Well, I think my team & my leadership group had an immense contribution to my career at IMS. They have always stood by my side in thick and thin and I can’t take away any credit that these wonderful bunch of people deserves.

In addition to this, there is one more person who is truly inspirational to me and has seen the potential in me at a very early stage of my journey. The person is none other than Akhilesh Pandey (Alex). I believe that the guidance and mentorship I have received from him is phenomenal! I think the learnings were manifolds and he is the one who saw the leadership skills in me and laid the first stone for my leadership due to which I am what I am today!

c) Challenge/experience that motivated you to push your limits?

Very early in my career, I was very clear about the kind of career growth I am expecting from myself and the extent to which I would require moving out of my comfort zone to achieve it. Rather than, refraining myself from facing hurdles and play safe, I chose to face all the challenges that came my way.

Moreover, the business challenges that we had during my journey at IMS has only strengthened me as a professional and I realized that if you have the belief and the right intensity along with a good team, tough times will not last forever.

d) How has IMS as an organization helped you in reaching this stage of your career?

I believe IMS offers the space to individuals to grow on the basis of merit. Over these many years at IMS, we’ve tried to create an environment which is fair and transparent. Maybe that’s what has helped us in becoming one of the Great Place to WorkTM– certified places to work for today.

At IMS, I could learn and grow based on my skill, attitude, and efforts and here, I am today after 10 years leading one of the largest Operations’ Sales workforce at IMS.

e) How do you see IMS as an organization now and after 5 years?

We are growing rapidly from a very small organization to a huge family of skilled workforce in a decade. The future seems to be pretty bright for our company since we’ve already embarked on expanding our business through new offices in new locations in India.

f) Any advice you would like to give to freshers from the lessons you learned in your career?

There are no shortcuts. You need to climb the staircase and overcome all the obstacles that are thrown at you during your journey. All you need to have is the patience and the right attitude. If you have that, nothing can stop you to succeed. Perseverance remains a key no matter how talented you are!

This is the journey of Mark Smith at IMS. IMS- a Dream Companies to Work for certifiedTM organization is always thankful to its employees for their hard work, dedication and commitment in taking IMS to newer heights.

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