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Every candidate who decides to work for any organisation, looks for a dream role in a dream company. But do Dream companies to work for really exist? Are there really companies out there who have a strong work culture, invest in the growth of their employees, encourage and support work-life balance, are great at employee engagement and match the industry standards with regards to the remuneration and perks?

World HRD Congress along with Times Ascent initiate the search for such companies every year, which is known as the “Dream Companies to Work for awards”. This is their 6th year of announcing the results and 75 companies across India and across sectors have featured in this list. The awards were announced in a glittering celebration on 16th February, in Mumbai, India. IMS is proud to have been awarded with this prestigious accolade!

Amit Somaiya, CEO of IMS said “Great HR practices, energetic work environment, rewarding career opportunities, – all essential ingredients necessary to make “A Great Place to work!” But all of these are meaningless without the zeal, enthusiasm and passion for work of all the people working behind the scenes at IMS. This chemistry makes us the real winner! I am humbled by this people power. I salute all at IMS for making this possible and not just a dream!” He further added: “Dream? Possible!”

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About the World HRD Congress
The World HRD Congress was started 25 years ago. Every year, they award the best HR practices and people across industries via various awards like Dream Companies to work for, Best HR leader, Innovative HR practices etc.

About the Times Ascent
The Times Ascent is a weekly supplement of the Times of India newspaper – nation’s leading media conglomerate with 45 dailies and periodicals in 3 languages and 108 editions from 9 centres. Focused on human resource development and employment opportunities, the Times Ascent covers current and future trends for HR professionals and job seekers. They also sponsor several awards in order to encourage the recruitment tendencies and employment.

IMS is Proud to be awarded the ‘Dream Companies to Work for’ Award
It is an immensely proud moment for us. The participants had to go through a rigorous 4 levels of examination based on which the winners were selected:

  • Level 1: Evaluation by Academic Council which has 3 members who either accept or reject the entry.
  • Level 2: Evaluation by Executive Council which has 3 members who are from HR Fraternity & Senior Leaders in the industry.
  • Level 3: The Jury Presentation (LIVE) at Mumbai
  • Level 4: Collation of results using OGPA scale (Overall grade on Point Scale). This eliminates extreme scores and helps centralise the results to enable the committee to choose the winners.

IMS successfully passed all these 4 levels.

On this occasion, the HR Manager at IMS, Swati Pandit was excited and said “I am delighted that IMS has won the award for “Dream Companies of Work For”. Congratulations to each IMS employee – We have together created this organisation and made it a Dream Company to Work For. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the HR team for their relentless pursuit in creating an approachable HR team and a beautiful culture.”