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Hello Everyone! We are back with our employee spotlight blog. The spotlight for this month is on Nikita Jadeja- Senior HR Executive at IMS People Possible.

Stepping into the corporate world straight from college is a different experience in itself. Same happened with Nikita! A girl who joined IMS People Possible with aspirations & excitement of implementing the knowledge in the HR and took each day as a new challenge.

Let’s know Nikita’s first job experience and how this 1 year at IMS People Possible treated her:

a) Switching from the college life to corporate life. How does it feel?

Well, college life and corporate life, both are 2 different worlds. When you are in college, you always have that guiding light on you, who will guide you through all the difficult situations. But, the moment you step in the corporate world, you have to leave that guiding light back in college itself. Especially, when it’s your first job; you need to be a self-motivated person who is ready to take each and every day as a new learning experience in order to learn the ropes of your role.

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b) Any particular element/thing of IMS that motivated you to join IMS?

Generally, people take feedback from their friends or relatives regarding the companies they are interested in working for. And, that’s exactly what I did. There were certain people who acknowledged IMS People Possible as a great place to work and motivated me to start my career with such a cool place. What enticed me for being a part of this place was the brand image it carries and the amazing culture it holds.

c) You must be having first ideal work place picture in mind? Did IMS meet your first work place expectations?

During my college days, I always had an aspiration of working with a company with great culture and the one which provides equal opportunities to grow. And, that’s what I found at IMS People Possible. Though I was a fresher, they provided me ample amount of opportunities to keep on learning new things and push my limits to be a better version of myself. Well, that’s the proof of the progress I have witnessed in myself as a HR professional from the date I joined till now. I remember being a newbie, who used to wonder how things work. But, today all those tasks look so simple and I can confidently look forward to learning new things all by myself. IMS People has not only met my expectations but has also provided me more than what I had expected from my ideal first work place.

d) You joined IMS as HR Executive and today you are Sr. HR Executive. How does it feel? How are you desiring to grow your job profile further?

Though I was a fresher, IMS People identified my passion for HR and motivated me to give my best. And, that constant motivation to give my best helped me in acquiring the Sr. HR Executive position in 1 year. My manager and my team always provided me the room for learning new things and growing as a professional. The feeling of having such an amazing bunch of people around you is splendid., I am looking forward to explore new aspects & verticals of HR and challenge myself to do better than what I was doing yesterday.

e) How do you see your career with IMS in next 2 years?

I would like to grow my knowledge in the field of HR in coming years, and with that I would like to contribute in better ways to my profile and company. In coming years, I would like to see myself in a position where I can help others and support people the way my manager and superiors supported me in my career.

F) Would you encourage/recommend your friends/family to join IMS?

Yes, definitely! IMS is great company to work for, I would definitely recommend my friends and family to build their career with a company like IMS, and I wish many more people experience this culture and build their career.

This is the journey of Nikita Jadeja at IMS. IMS- a Great Place to Work certifiedTM organization is always thankful to its employees for their hard work, dedication and commitment in taking IMS to newer heights.

If you are interested in working with such an organization that boosts your performance and accelerates your growth, send us your CVs to