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Hello, we are taking a break from our usual blogs and bringing something new for all our readers.

IMS People Possible is known for its Offshore Recruitment Services across the globe. But, what makes us successful? Our EMPLOYEES!

Employees- the back-end engineers who burn the midnight oil, just to make sure that the company keeps on flourishing more and more every year. And, IMS People Possible is more than grateful to have such an amazing bunch of people.

We wanted to give you a sneak peek into the lives of these employees and their journeys at IMS. Each month we will have an employee in spotlight. We will be asking them questions and going down the memory lane to know the point from where they started their journey at IMS, how they combatted the challenges and outshined as shining stars of IMS.

Our first spotlight is on Anand Kansara, Operations Manager at IMS People Possible.

Completing 5 years of journey at an organization! Sounds amazing, Right? Throughout the journey, an employee would have witnessed challenges and would have even basked in the glory of some small and huge successes as well. It always takes one down the memory lane whenever one thinks about their journey with their organization aka their second family.

The same has happened with one of our employees, Anand Kansara. Let’s find out how has these 5 years treated him at IMS People Possible and what is his take on his great journey!

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1) When did you join IMS and what were your job responsibilities back then and what is it now?

I joined IMS People Possible on 23rd January, 2012 as a Recruitment Consultant. My job responsibilities back then comprised of working on the entire recruitment cycle right from sourcing the candidates to guiding them for interviews with my clients and supporting with post placement activities.

Today, after successful completion of 5 years at IMS People Possible, I have managed to bag the position of Operations Manager through my consistent endeavours. I am responsible for devising operational strategies, supervising and managing my team along with account management. Apart from my daily job duty, I ensure that my team stays motivated and has my support wherever and whenever needed.

2) What are the improvisations you see in yourself in these 5 years?

These 5 years have played important role in my career. Since, I joined the organization as a Recruitment Consultant, I never used to delegate responsibilities to the team members as it wasn’t part of my KRA. But, now with the passage of time, I’ve acquired better understanding of selecting the right people for the right job and have even gotten good hold over managing team dynamics well.

Given to the fact, I am managing the operation team, there are instances when I’ve to manage internal conflicts and make sure that the work is being carried out in a streamlined manner. In my journey of 5 years, I’ve managed to develop the skill required to manage such conflicts in the team and get the work delivered in timely manner.

3) Any challenge or incident that played a key role in your journey at IMS?

The incident that played key role in my career at IMS People Possible took place in April 2013 while I was working on Projects Formatting.

See, I always have had knack for finding out shortcuts on internet to fetch out required information and get the work done faster. And, just because of my skill, I was selected as an SME for passive search. I was supposed to train people on the subject which is not yet a part of my profile itself. Not only it was big achievement, but was also a great success for me at that time.

That incident gave me so much confidence and motivation to be something great within the system.

4) Any person in IMS whom you see as an inspiration to work harder?

Pratik Kansara is the person who provides inspiration to be better than what I was yesterday. This guy has been recognized as Prince of Placements for his outstanding performance. He has accomplished so many milestones in his journey at IMS that one can learn a lot from him and push oneself harder. Joining the firm as an RC and being a Team Leader presently is just one of the examples of why he such a source of inspiration.

5) Any person who has been instrumental in your journey at IMS?

It takes both sides to build a bridge. One can never succeed without his/her team. I cannot think of a single person who has been instrumental in my journey at IMS. It’s my team who divides the tasks and multiplies the success.

6) How has your journey been so far at IMS?

Throughout the journey, I have witnessed many small and big challenges and have overcome it with the support of a great bunch of people. That great bunch of people are none other than my team. They have made this journey remarkable for me. I always say to each one in IMS, “I love working with my team and they make my journey very joyful”

7) How do you see IMS as an organization now and after 5 years?

For me, IMS People Possible is the best place to work for anyone. As an organization, I see that it has already achieved great milestones and there are many more to come. One of the main aspects for which it will be known widely will be its CULTURE. The culture at IMS People Possible is something which makes it a Great Place to Work® for. Whether you are a fresher or a tenured employee, you will always be treated as a family member. In next 5 years, I see IMS People Possible as a brand that will be well-known in each corner of the world and the one whose success is UNBEATABLE!

This is the journey of Anand Kansara at IMS People Possible. IMS People Possible- a Great Place To Work certifiedTM organisation is always thankful to its employees for their hard work, dedication and commitment in taking IMS to newer heights.

If you are interested in working with such an organization that boosts your performance and accelerates your growth, send us your CVs to