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Hello Everyone! We are back with our employee spotlight blog and the spotlight for this month is on Amit Harchand- Operations Manager at IMS People Possible.

Amit- a person who joined IMS People Possible as a Fresher and burnt the midnight oil to set himself apart from the rest & outshine as an Operations Manager within the span of 5 years. Being just a fresher, he joined IMS with hardly any information about the industry but certainly carried determination and dreams along with him.

IMS as an organization, not only provided him the platform to excel in his career, but also a platform to meet his life partner!

Wanting to know more about Amit and how great it feels to have a life-partner working in same company?

Let’s stroll down Amit’s 5 years journey at IMS People Possible:

a) When did you join IMS and what were your job responsibilities back then and what is it now?

I joined IMS on 1st April 2013. Back then, I was responsible to establish credibility to handle full cycle high volume recruiting for my Client’s largest portfolios. Since then, my role has evolved a lot from managing the portfolios to handling various lines of business. Presently, my role comprises of Building client relationships, Generating ROI’s for the clients, Resource planning, Service delivery, Introducing new processes and Improve service delivery.

b) Are there any challenges that helped you in shaping your career better?

I have always taken everyday as a challenge and that’s what prompts me to push my limits. If one is desiring to be a good performer and achieve the targets, he/she must be determined to overcome those challenges and shine like an achiever.

Working with a high demanding client was the biggest challenge and the learnings I took while serving them brought the best out of me. Those seemed challenges back then. But, today I expect more such difficult challenges of working with demanding clients and thus, pushing my capabilities. That’s what I even advice my team! Never to be afraid of the curveballs thrown at you. Face them and sine bright like a rising star!

c) What have you achieved in your career at IMS in terms of professional and personal life?

When I joined IMS People Possible back then in 2013, I was completely naïve to the recruitment industry. However, the company supported at each stage of my learning and provided me a space where I grew from a recruiter to Operations Manager in 4 years.

Talking about my personal achievements, well, what can be more better than finding your life partner at the company you love to work? I found my life partner, Khushboo Parihar at IMS and today, we work together under the same roof, motivating each other to achieve greater heights of the success!

d) Have you ever worked in night shifts before/ If yes, how much different is this role than the previous ones?

I joined IMS People Possible as a fresher. After passing out from university, we are all very skeptical about whether the first job will be the place that you have always desired to work for, will it provide you the culture and opportunities to grow as a professional, and many other things.

But, I must say that I certainly lucked out by joining this company. The experience of working in night shift has never been daunting because of the comfort that the company provides you to work in night shifts.

e) How does it feel to find a life partner at your work place?

Without a doubt, it’s a wonderful thing to have your life partner working in the same shift and same organization as yours. You spend half of your day at the office, away from the home. So, in my case, I’ve the opportunity to spend time together at the work place as well

f) Do you think having your life partner working in the same organizations as yours, make better work-life balance?

Since we both work in the same shift, it makes it quite easy for us to maintain a good work-life balance. We can spend more time together, we know each other’s challenges at work and can support in whichever means we can.

During our commute, we have discussions about our progress at work, the new projects we are working on and hence provide motivation and support to each other.

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g) Since your wife is working in night shift, would you like to encourage more women to work in night shifts? Do you consider it safe for women in Gujarat to work in night shifts?

I don’t think working in night shift should be a concern for any women if they’re working in Gujarat and for a company like IMS People Possible, an organization that considers the safety of women as an utmost priority. We have a door to door pick up and drop facility, ensuring women can commute safely to work.

At IMS People Possible, we have lots of female employees who work in night shifts and are happy with the working hours.

h) How do you see IMS as an organization now and after 5 years?

IMS as an organization has evolved a lot. What started as a humble beginning in 2006 has grown to 800+ employees today. I have been lucky to be a part of this growth journey. We have seen a humongous growth and to make the most of this, we have streamlined our processes, reporting structure and training programs. In the next 5 years, I am expecting the organization to cross the 3000+ employee mark, partnering with top-notch recruitment companies across the globe.

This is the journey of Amit Harchand at IMS. IMS- a Dream Companies to Work for certifiedTM organization is always thankful to its employees for their hard work, dedication and commitment in taking IMS to newer heights.

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