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According to the latest research from Grant Thornton, one of the world’s largest professional services companies, the Offshore Recruitment Services market (ORS) has seen significant growth and penetration over the last five years as coORSrates increasingly appreciate the benefits that an ORS partner can bring.
Benefits such as access to market-tested strategies that engage, attract and secure the very best talent, minimising of operational complexity and turnaround time, all without compromising on quality and with cost savings of up to 50%.

Do you still have questions about how you could make a partnership with an ORS provider work?

Then please watch the latest in the StaffingTec webinar series between Christine Sten, Vice President of StaffingTec and Mary Kristynik, Onshore Advisor for IMS People Possible: How to develop a win-win partnership with your ORS provider.

Find out how to make the ORS partnership work so that any recruitment business can focus their skills on their core business whilst utilising the invaluable support, assistance and knowledge of their ORS partner to help grow their business at a pace dictated and managed by them .

To view the webinar, click here