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Wow! We are always proud to win any award as it recognizes the continuous effort our management and employees contribute to our business every day.

However, we must say, we are beyond proud to announce that IMS People Possible has won not one but two awards at the WCRC India’s Fastest Growing Companies Awards 2018 – 2019 held 25th June 2019 in London.

India’s Fastest Growing Companies Award 2019 is held to recognize India’s Fastest Growing Companies but in a very unique way.

The award is determined by deliberately deleting the revenues of all companies in the running as multiple industries have different revenue consideration and therefore, revenue cannot be taken as a true factor of growth.

The Fastest Growing Companies is an award determined by academically tested and verified methodology that justifies the emergence of the fastest growing companies using the 3 prime and quintessential company growth factors of Workplace Culture, Innovations and Corporate Governance as these determine the future of companies and accelerates a journey of Good to Great.

To win is a real tribute to the growth and impetus of IMS People Possible and the tireless efforts and depth of work of our management and workforce.

Our second award won on the night was the highly acclaimed India’s Best Leaders 2019. This is an award aimed at celebrating and truly appreciating India’s Business Leadership and how the best and upcoming business leaders are strengthening the economy with their stellar leadership.

And, it’s a proud moment for us to see our CEO- Amit Somaiya winning the award for being an exemplary leader and leading his way as a true winner.

Our people are always at the heart of everything we do, and every member of our team knows and believes that – it’s nice to know that other recognize it too.

All we can say is what an achievement for every member of the IMS People Possible Team – this is the recognition that keeps us motivating for being the best.