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The world of recruitment agencies is certainly an exciting one as no two days are ever the same, however the challenges are complex, and the administrative burdens appear to be multiplying daily.

As with all recruitment businesses the focus has to be client and candidate focus and of course billings, however too often the drive to succeed in these areas results in the administrative tasks becoming the last thing on anyone’s mind.

Plus, let’s be honest you didn’t employ your recruiters to do admin tasks or even want them distracted by it. However, the truth is that in any growing business the administrative tasks, such as like CV Formatting, Candidate Database Management, Job Posting, Advert Response Management, Lead Generation etc, can make or break a business and certainly can prevent your business from growing and thriving.

So, what’s the solution to a recruitment agencies’ admin burden? Do you take on a multiple junior recruiter to manage the admin tasks? Of course, this can work, although hiring any internal staff carries with it the burden of HR issues such as sickness and holidays and of course the ‘hidden’ costs such computers, software licences, telephones, furniture and most importantly the physical space these people take away from your sales team.

The ultimate dilemma of internal administrative staff for any recruitment agency is the fact that they are ‘non-billers’ and their costs can soar, especially if there is a downturn in business or margins.

However, the consequences of not having administrative staff can also be wide reaching, leading to a poor candidate and client experience and increasing the potential for mistakes such as not being able to respond to all the CVs received, database not being updated on time, CVs not being formatted correctly and loss of productivity of the recruiter as they are busy in the administrative tasks.

So, what’s the solution?
The solution is to outsource your recruitment agencies admin work to allow you to focus on what you and your team do best; placing great candidates with great clients.

By partnering with an Offshore Recruitment Service (ORS) provider you can focus on growing your business and allow experts in the field to manage all your day to day admin needs that normally distract you.

Plus, the benefits are more than just freeing up your time and include:

  • Multiple new members to your team – by outsourcing your admin needs to a dedicated ORS partner you gain access to a range of efficient, diligent and skilled recruiters. These recruiters increase your capacity and productivity and are simply one call or click away, 24/7 and 365 days of the year. If you were to employ these experts in house you would need to employ as many as 2 – 4 new team members.
  • You gain an ongoing stable team – often when you have an in-house resource you have one person who can be doing everything making it very difficult to cope if there is sickness or holidays.
    However, when you outsource to an ORS partner you have a whole team available to you who are experts in each field; offering you continuous peace of mind and levels of service to both candidates and clients. There will never be any problems caused by sickness, holidays or key people leaving as there will always be back-up resources of your dedicated team available who can cope with any fluctuation in demand, no matter how sudden.
  • You always remain ahead of the game – your ORS partner will be able to support you with your administrative tasks allowing your recruiters to focus on placing candidates allowing you to be ahead of your game.

It clearly makes sense for recruitment agencies to outsource their admin tasks to an expert ORS partner; however, it is always essential to choose a partner with the right experience and reputation and who focuses on not just price but quality and service as well.

By selecting the right ORS partner for your admin needs you will benefit fully from a partner who is dedicated and has the ability to organise themselves to protect your business and achieve the highest compliance standards and develop processes that afford you the ability to truly grow your business.

Have you considered an ORS partner to support your administrative burden yet?