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Today’s recruitment businesses are faced with so many challenges that many turn to Offshore Recruitment Services (ORS) to stay ahead of the game, remain competitive and to gain the increased flexibility needed to quickly scale up or down to meet ever changing market demands. Plus, they desire to improve the efficiency of their existing staff, speed up their levels of service, gain access to a much wider and quality pool of top talent and of course reduce costs.

However, despite the rapid growth of ORS, unfortunately it is still surrounded by a number of myths and misconceptions and it’s these that often keep recruitment organisations, especially those most often in need of the services, from enjoying the many benefits gained by outsourcing to an ORS partner.

So, let us try and debunk some of the most common ORS myths and misconceptions:

Myth 1: It is only for large companies

Many believe that working with an ORS partner is only for large companies, however the fact is that the benefits are there for all business sizes. Working with an ORS partner allows businesses to plan and manage their resources more effectively, especially through the busy and quiet periods, as the service can be scaled up or down rapidly. For new businesses or those trying to grow their business, ORS partnerships allow them to grow their teams without having to take on extra staff or invest in infrastucture such as more office space or IT. ORS enhances a company’s performance by allowing them to focus on what they do best, growing the business and ensures they always have access to the best talent for themselves and their clients in the most cost-efficient way.

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Myth 2: Outsourcing poses risks of data breaches

Picking the right ORS partner has always been paramount, however as data is at the heart of every we do, it is even more vital today. Experienced recruitment outsourcing providers have always understood that data security is of paramount importance and ensure they have in place more than adequate security measures to prevent any data exposure breaches. Working with the right ORS partner will actually be the answer to your data security worries and never the problem, however it is vital to make sure that your selection process is robust. Choose an experienced and reputable ORS partner with an excellent financial standing, who can offer the certifications and referrals necessary to quash your concerns and who are as willing and open to you getting to know all about them, including their infrastructure, as they are to getting to know you.

Myth 3: ORS might save you money, but it will compromise quality

Letting your ORS partner do the job you used to should never result in a reduction of quality, in fact outsourcing allows you to select a partner who can actually do a better job than you can and improve the quality of the service you offer your clients. Established and experienced ORS partners will work to pre-set KPIs and metrics to ensure they achieve and exceed the target you have set, whilst all the time maintaining the quality and service levels you demand.

Myth 4: Offshore partners are difficult to manage

A common illusion is that ORS partners takes away the control you have over your business and are difficult to manage. This could not be further from the truth as although based overseas your dedicated team will be available 24/7 and will be fully trained on your company policies and procedures. Often the real truth is that as businesses feel they can demand more from an ORS partner than they can from their in-house teams, they actually receive a better quality service than before.

Myth 5: The learning curve is too steep

ORS companies rigorous screen, interview, skills test and background/reference check all their employees: after all it’s what they do best. So, when you begin your relationship with your ORS partner it’s not like teaching a new hire the ropes, which is all too time consuming. By choosing to work with an experienced ORS partner you can immediately tap into a well-trained and experienced pool of talent who unlike your own staff come with a guarantee.

One this is very clear, there will always be myths and misconceptions about ORS, however to make the right decision for your business you need to talk to your perspective ORS partners and ask them to alleviate any fears you have. If they can’t, well there not the right ORS partner for you.

Always remember, not every ORS company is created equal and it is essential that you work with a partner who understands that their purpose is to help you achieve your goals and in order to do this they will need to be fully transparent and able to provide quantifiable metrics that not only measures their performance but can illuminate improvements.

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