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Did you miss out on the latest trends in the recruitment industry for the year 2017? IMS People Possible brings to you 6 blogs that will help you keep in touch with all that you need to know about  recruitment and offshore recruitment services.

1. 2017 Review of the UK Recruitment Sector

2017 was not as eventful as the past year, where we witnessed UK voting for Brexit and the US voting for Donald Trump. Nonetheless, it has been an immensely busy and ever-shifting period for the UK recruitment sector. The impact of Brexit has had a tremendous effect on the offshore recruitment sector in form of staff shortages, particularly in the healthcare, public, hospitality and leisure sectors. Moreover, this year the recruitment sector also faced another challenge which was due to the new IR35 rules that came into force on 6th of April. Several contractors turned their backs on working within the public sector due to this new rule, which led to demands for pay increases. Read our blog to know the details!

2. The secret to providing pain-free, out of hours recruitment support to the NHS

The NHS pledges to provide a dedicated healthcare service 24/7, 365 days a year. NHS looks to dedicated healthcare agencies that can seamlessly provide this support with the right people, the right skills at the right time and right place. This often becomes a challenge for the healthcare agencies. However, at IMS People Possible we aim to offer efficient recruitment support and contribute in the growth of the offshore recruitment sector. We completely understand the NHS framework compliances. Thus, we provide out of hours support which allows healthcare agencies to respond 24 hours a day, ensuring they never miss out on an opportunity and always deliver to their clients. Read our blog and get in touch with us to know more about our services!

3. Two months after IR35 reforms and it’s still chaos

This year we witnessed one of the largest changes facing contractors in healthcare sector in the UK, the IR35 reforms. This had a huge impact on the offshore recruitment sector. The government altered IR35 tax legislation to include locum and agency staff who work for a public body or recruitment agency with the aim of raising £185m for 2017/18 by subtracting tax and national insurance from pay packets at source. For staffing agencies, this means becoming well-versed in IR35 and accurately assessing whether each candidate on their books falls under IR35 and potentially becoming responsible for deducting tax and national insurance. This has created major administration costs and has once again hit margins and still many fear that they are not meeting the demands of the reporting and regulations requirements. Know more through our blog

4. Contract doctor numbers increase in US

In the year 2015, there was a shortage of 10,000 physicians and in 2016, 94 percent of health care facilities had relied on hiring contract doctors to help survive the shortage. Thus, this year hospitals throughout the US relied on freelance locum doctors to contend with a growing shortage of physicians. One of the primary causes for the shortage is the substantial student loans required to pay for medical school and the influence this is having on chosen career paths. Another of the key reasons for physician shortages is that many doctors have actually chosen to go down the locum route instead of getting a full-time position at a hospital, as perceptions have changed. However, there are also benefits of working as a locum, as it has led physicians to do freelance work instead of a full-time contract. These include getting paid more hourly, not having to wait for insurance reimbursement and making their own hours. Read our blog to know more!

5. Meet IMS at the Collaboration in the Gig Economy Conference Texas, Sept 13-14, 2017

This year, IMS People Possible was part of several events and conferences, one of which was the Gig Economy Conference Texas. The 2nd annual Collaboration in the Gig Economy brought together the entire workforce solutions ecosystem in one game-changing event. Staffing suppliers, workforce solutions buyers, VMS, MSP & RPO providers, suppliers to staffing and gig economy/human cloud companies and others interested in the workforce solutions ecosystem were all a part of the conference.

6. Why is it beneficial for staffing companies to outsource?

There have been several changes in the recruitment industry over the last decade, no more so than for recruitment staffing companies. Today, breaking even for companies has become a major challenge as the market is fiercely competitive. To survive and thrive, staffing companies need to lower their operating costs and improve candidate management. Thus, there are a few benefits of outsourcing for staffing companies, such as cost reduction, increased scalability, reduced risks, reduced hiring time, increased quality of hire and streamlined processes. Read our blog to know more.

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The above mentioned 6 blogs cover significant happenings of the offshore recruitment sector. IMS People Possible provides offshore recruitment and accounting services on demand. We help optimize your workforce and reduce operational costs. Partner with us to know more!