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  • Majority of companies believe staffing firms can be very helpful in assisting them
  • 67% of Hiring Managers believe it is extremely important that their staffing firm uses up to date technology
  • IMS People Possible are experts in providing 24/7 offshore recruitment services to staffing firms in USA

Anyone who works in the USA staffing industry is very aware of the challenges today’s job market brings.

It’s tough for anyone tasked with sourcing, attracting and retaining top talent and it has become necessary for everyone to accept that candidates are very much in the driving seat and if we want to grab their attention, we are going to have to work and try a lot harder.

The good news, however, is that the latest 2018 Staffing Buyer Study, from the American Staffing Association in a shared initiative with CareerBuilder and ClearlyRated, has found that Hiring Managers are increasingly seeing the many benefits of partnering with a staffing agency.

The study surveyed Hiring Managers about their current “pain points”, their perceptions of the staffing industry, their purchase journey when deciding whether to hire a staffing service provider, as well as the key drivers of satisfaction with their staffing firm partners.

Thankfully, the study shows that the majority of companies believe staffing firms can be very helpful in assisting them and interestingly more than half of companies surveyed plan to increase their use of staffing firms over the next five years.

The study also indicated, why Hiring Managers are planning to lean more heavily on staffing agencies in the future with the main reason being that they see this as the best way to tackle their “current pain points” and that they believed that partnering with staffing firms will help them to curb the hiring process and attract candidates with specialized skills.

Additional key highlights identified by the study are:

  • Hiring managers view staffing firms as potentially helpful with most of their hiring pain points.
  • Hiring Managers’ main “pain points” include:
    • reaching candidates with the right skills (52%)
    • time to hire (40%)
    • and budget (34%)
  • Two-thirds (66%) of hiring managers said they feel that using a staffing firm gives them access to the right candidates.
  • Desire to access quality candidates and shorten the hiring process often drives hiring Managers to utilize staffing firms.
  • 67% of Hiring Managers believe it is very or extremely important that their staffing firm uses up to date technology and they also believe staffing firms can differentiate themselves from their competition by utilizing the most current technology.
  • Hiring Managers crave hiring data that staffing firms can provide.
  • Hiring Managers are most interested in salary data and hiring trends and recruitment best practice to ensure they have a smooth and up to date hiring and onboarding process for their candidates.
  • Although increasing slightly, Hiring Managers’ loyalty to staffing firms is still quite low.
  • 32% of Hiring Managers have switched their primary staffing provider in the past year.
  • Lowest price is rarely the primary consideration when choosing a primary staffing firm.

So, what opportunities does this information offer to staffing firms?

Although the news that Hiring Managers see using staffing firms as one of the best methods to access the skilled talent is positive, any staffing firm will still need to add value to stand out from their competition.

It is a priority for any staffing firm to understand their clients’ current “pain points”, to know where best to focus their efforts, to add value, and solve Hiring Managers problems to build loyalty and increase satisfaction.

IMS People Possible serves over 150 Leading Staffing Companies with 12 years of experience in the recruitment industry

The study clearly indicates that any staffing firm who can focus on the areas of candidate quality and time to hire by utilizing the latest technology and market insights will be in a great position to add value and stand out from the competition.

IMS People Possible are an Offshore Recruitment Services company.

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