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Key Highlights

  • Inefficiencies in the credentialing process prevents healthcare staffing agencies from filling the best jobs with the best talent.
  • Many healthcare staffing firms do not have the resources to establish a long-term solution that can scale with their business.

The healthcare staffing industry is certainly a challenging one filled with constantly changing priorities, demands, trends and regulations and of course, heaps of opportunities.

The ongoing talent shortage within the industry is becoming ever more noticeable and ensures that the race for the best talent is fiercely competitive. Candidates and clients expect and demand the most streamlined and efficient processes, or they will simply find someone who can provide what they want.

Often, it can seem like healthcare staffing firms are constantly fighting fires and it is difficult for them to know where they should focus their energy, time or resources.

It is no wonder then that according to current research, 51% of healthcare staffing companies in USA cite credential management as one of their biggest challenges.

And it is easy to see why, as healthcare staffing credential management requires the highest standards to be maintained at all times due to the healthcare industry being one of the most regulated.

The hard truth is that any healthcare staffing business can find it difficult to maintain the levels and standards required and often attempts to streamline the credential and compliance process internally is a short-term fix.

Many healthcare staffing firms do not have the resources, technology, infrastructure or time to establish a long-term solution that can scale with their business and this can lead to some serious problems.

Inefficiencies in the credentialing process not only slows everyone down but increases the drop-off rates of candidates due to a disconnected candidate experience, leads to a higher risk of missing clients’ KPIs and therefore losing clients.

Ultimately it prevents healthcare staffing agencies from filling the best jobs with the best talent.

However, those healthcare staffing firms that overcome this challenge are the ones that will be the most innovative, find the best opportunities, attract and place the best talent in the fastest time and create stronger relationships and the best growth rates.

So, how should healthcare staffing firms tackle the credential management challenge?

By partnering with us at IMS People Possible to help and support them to tackle the many complex demands of healthcare recruiting, including streamlining the credentialing process, to drive for the best results.

24 X 7 Recruitment Support for Healthcare Staffing Companies

Our highly skilled teams deliver a comprehensive and bespoke range of services including full cycle recruitment services and back office administrative support globally, allowing our clients to make better decisions, quickly respond to fluctuations in client demand and take on significant new opportunities without adding staff because we’ve improved existing recruiters’ productivity.

We provide all our clients with a dedicated team, weekly reporting to maintain a tight control of budgets, robust account management and a stringent quality checking system that reduces operational costs and risks and allows our client’s existing recruiters to focus on their non-core activities.

Why not explore a partnership with IMS People Possible and see what it can achieve for your business?

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