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We are back with our Employee Spotlight blog and this month’s spotlight is on Dhaval Joshi. Dhaval is an Operations Manager who manages a team, looking after one of our key UK based clients. His job is to ensure the highest quality of delivery, whilst motivating and inspiring his team to deliver exceptional results.

Let’s learn how Dhaval’s journey has been so far:

1. How did you start your journey at IMS People Possible and how has it been so far?

After a brief initial period with IMS People Possible in 2011 as a Recruitment Consultant, I was fortunate to be able to rejoin in March 2014 as a Team Leader. Since then, my career journey has been amazing. I have worked on many different projects and have learnt so much along the way. I recently completed 5 years with IMS People Possible – a journey to be cherished!

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2. How do you ensure that your team is engaged at wok?

Team engagement is an essential part of day-to-day operations. It helps to boost team productivity and maintain low attrition rates. We do lots of different activities to ensure a healthy work-life balance like our “Star of the Week” award which the team love as it demonstrates our appreciation for the hard work they all put in.

A personal approach is vital. It is important to always greet your team members, enjoy a joke together and take time for a chat. I take pride in knowing everyone individually and also knowing that anyone can approach me at any time to discuss things.

3. Is there any person or team that you would like to acknowledge for their support in your journey at IMS People Possible?

There are a lot of people who played an important role in my journey at IMS People Possible, to name a few:

Mark Smith- He has been a phenomenal mentor from the beginning of my career with IMS People Possible. He played an important role to shape my career at IMS People Possible

Alex Palmer- The Big boss, he is energetic and motivational. Whenever you meet him, you never leave empty handed, you always learn something new from him

Paresh Devnani- I have learned a lot from him. He has been a great colleague to work with

Rajeev Iyer- In our short time working together, I have learned many things which will help me to evolve as an individual

Roger- We call him Superman of IMS People Possible. He is Master of healthcare recruitment and I have learned healthcare recruiting solutions from him. He is the master of engagement activities and comes up with amazing ideas

Ken- My first team leader at IMS People Possible and my referee when I re-joined this organization

4. Where do you see IMS People Possible in the next five years?

IMS People Possible has a very bright future as I have seen it growing aggressively every year. IMS People Possible has already raised the bar in the offshore recruitment services industry and I’m confident that it will grow further and create a benchmark in its segment.

This is the journey of Dhaval Joshi at IMS People Possible. IMS People Possible is always thankful to its employees for their hard work, dedication, and commitment in taking IMS People Possible to new heights and appreciates the employees that contribute to the growth and development of other employees through their consistent support and motivation.

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