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What is VMS Support?

Vendor Management System (VMS) is a support system which allows the staffing firms to run the contingent worker program. This system makes it possible to conduct all contingent hiring related transactions online. The process involves a series of activities such as collecting requisitions from the client, distributing requirements to recruitment agencies, collecting candidate submissions from the agency, scheduling interviews, job offers, etc.

VMS is thus a vital source for staffing firms. However, using the system can prove difficult. The staffing firms require proper training to put VMS into practice. Behind the challenges of using VMS, are its several advantages. Offshore recruitment agencies provide effective VMS support services to staffing firms. VMS is a tool that not only provides value to the client, but also to staffing firms.

Let’s look at benefits of working with a VMS support team for staffing firms.

One of the major benefits of a VMS support team is that they provide an essential pool of talent to staffing firms within the demanded time. Offshore recruitment agencies provide VMS support to staffing firms wherein they upload the resumes on time as per their requirement. Thus, this helps the staffing firms to meet their KPI’s set by the clients. Moreover, offshore VMS support providers improve efficiency in sourcing, project management, invoicing, onboarding and off-boarding. VMS systems automate the statement of work management processes and contingent workforce processes. Additionally, the support system simplifies the task of responding to new opportunities, administering expenditures and extending contracts. Due to this enhanced visibility that the offshore recruiting agency provides into spends and performances, the efficiency of staffing firms increases.

Add the IMS Offshore Recruitment Services advantage to your staffing business

Due to the advanced VMS support provided by the offshore recruiting agency, the staffing firms can merely focus on the requirements of clients rather than searching for potential candidates. The VMS support team provides a pool of talent within 24 hours to the staffing firms. This simplifies the processes for staffing firms and increases efficiency. Clients demand effectiveness on time and hence, offshore recruiting agencies help deliver optimum effectiveness through VMS support services. In fact, the VMS support team helps staffing firms find the right candidate for their end client. The resumes are uploaded as per the staffing firm’s requirement. This significantly improves their scorecard and ranking. It is essential for the staffing firms to partner with the right offshore VMS support provider.

Offshore VMS support providers offer staffing firms a transparent process. This helps staffing firms keep a track of all the activities and results in hiring the best for their clients. The VMS support team of offshore recruitment agencies helps staffing firms meet KPI’s set by their clients.

IMS People Possible offers Vendor Management Software support services which ensure a high return on investment. This team of experienced professionals is fully trained in all areas of VMS management and ensures meeting the set KPIs. Contact us now!