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Where VMS programs are concerned, there are definitely two clear camps. Camp one still despises the systems, convinced their role has been reduced to just collecting, screening and submitting resumes, making them feel just like a commodity. The other camp recognises the benefits of increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved compliance and spend visibility and have adopted them rapidly.

Whichever camp you belong to, with a recent survey₁ indicating that VMS represents more than 30 percent of the revenue of surveyed staffing firm, they are here to stay and it’s clear that most efficient vendors are winning. Whilst offering increased efficiency, VMS metrics provide nowhere to hide for the vendor. Statistics are available to the client at the press of a button – how many days recruiters take to submit candidates, rejection rates, do the candidates take the roles offered and whether the agency’s rates are in the ballpark of the agreed rate card.

These metrics easily allow the client to remove badly performing agencies and new agencies are brought in to replace them. It is therefore essential that your database, processes and systems are up-to-date and managed effectively at all times. However, this is not easy as it requires increased staffing levels and distracts away from core business. Many recruitment companies have found that there is a need to focus on their own skills and get the support of external partners to provide VMS support services, ensuring they always stay at the top of their game.

We have helped staffing companies improve their VMS scorecard and gain new clients.

Where to find the right VMS Support

At IMS People Possible we are an Offshore Recruitment Services provider (ORS) who offer outsourced VMS support to your recruiters, allowing them to focus on their core activities. Our services allow you to become a preferred VMS partner to your clients. We deploy recruiters experienced to work on a VMS system, who can manage your VMS process in part or deal directly with your client on your behalf, via shared access to your VMS. We provide around the clock support ensuring you can deliver candidates 24/7, our robust account management and quality control measures ensure that you are able to deliver to your client’s expectation levels and with cost savings on average of a third, we are more cost effective than hiring additional internal staff.

Read how one of IMS People Possible’s clients found a cost- effective solution for the VMS Support. To find out more contact Jordan Leeds at

LinkedIn’s 2016 Talent Trends Survey

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