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For most recruitment firms, their database is one of, if not the number one, most powerful recruitment tool they have. It holds a lot of value and like most assets if maintained and updated it can appreciate over time.

When it comes to data, it is definitely quality not quantity that matters. Having thousands of candidates on your database with out of date details, won’t help your recruiters make that perfect placement. Every year, 20-25 % of all business data becomes obsolete or outdated according to the Direct Marketing Association, making regular database regeneration vitally important.

IMS People Possible serves over 150 LeadingStaffing Companies with 12 years ofexperience in the recruitment industry

Unfortunately, although clearly necessary, the task places a huge demand on a recruiters’ valuable time, often resulting in the need to take on extra staff and with it the additional costs and time implications. Because of this database regeneration is often being put off and ignored by many recruiters.

This problem is easily solved by transferring this time consuming and potentially expensive task to a trusted first-class offshore recruitment services partner like IMS People Possible. IMS People Possible can support you by regenerating your existing database, helping to ensure your business performs to its maximum potential. IMS delivers careful validation, by highly trained research consultants, regenerating and transforming your redundant database into an up-to-date source of candidates by re-establishing contact with lapsed candidates and updating all their vital details and availability, and by marking those candidates currently not job seeking. This activity improves the quality of your database, saving you time and money and by making your data meaningful and informative offers a direct increase in your bottom line i.e. interviews and placement.

Recruitment agencies who work with IMS People Possible see massive benefits and have the reassurance of working with ISO:9001 certified recruitment professionals of the highest quality. IMS People Possible offer a high degree of flexibility and can quickly adapt to your needs, ensuring you benefit from cost savings and time optimization – leaving you free to focus on the strategic growth and development of your core business.

To read one of the many IMS People Possible’s data regeneration case studies click here. To find out how we did this get in touch with Alex Palmer at

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