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Not wanting to wish away the summer, but it will soon be Autumn and for many businesses this is the time that they start to focus their energies on their tax returns. After all, for any business it is essential to stay on top of deadlines for tax returns and accounts, as well as all the various tax rates and thresholds.

However, let’s be honest filing your tax return is never a job anyone is going to relish and although many businesses do it in good time, many find the job so daunting that they leave it to the last minute. And it’s easy to see why, tax laws are complicated and even for those businesses that pride themselves on conscientious business practices, so is being compliant. Plus, even a simple and completely innocent mistake can result in financial penalties that can get worse if ignored, never mind the time and effort it takes to rectify any mistakes made.

So, we’ve probably convinced you that for your business it really is beneficial to file your tax return early. However, there will be many of you out there who are thinking, easier said than done. After all you get it: running and managing a business in this ever increasingly competitive economy requires you to be ahead of the game, where you keep abreast of the continuous financial and tax regulatory changes; where you manage your accounting and finance operations including tax, reporting and payroll in the most accurate, compliant and efficient way possible.

But, you’re under constant pressure with so many distractions that come from doing your actual full-time job; the need to be constantly reducing costs and overheads to stay profitable and the demands to constantly increase revenues so you not only survive but thrive. The simple truth is that your tax returns, although very important to you, are often the last thing on your mind.

Outsource your Accounting Functions the right way

What you need is a solution that is totally transparent, removes the stress of your tax filing responsibilities and always ensures that you are fully informed of your tax liabilities and that could actually bring cost savings and increased efficiency throughout your whole accounting function.

This is why you need to team up with an offshore accounting partner. Why? Because the right offshore accounting partner will have all the technical knowledge necessary to interpret the information provided and prepare compliant tax returns for you. Plus, they will add real value to your business as they will provide insights, solutions and best practice processes drawn from their years of experience gained from working with their many global clients.

In addition, the right offshore accounting partner will become your in-house accounting team, using the latest technology and their qualified 24/7, ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant team to quickly streamline your accounting processes and ensure compliance and manage and pre-empt risk: which leaves you to do what you do best, run and grow your business.

If you want to grow your business, then make the decision to outsource your accounting operations to the right offshore accounting partner.

IMS People Possible offers offshore accounting solutions for businesses like yours. Our wide range of accountancy services keep your business flexible, scalable and at the cutting edge of technology and compliance, all whilst providing significant on-going cost savings.

Working with IMS People Possible will always give you the reassurance of a company that constantly measures and monitors it’s own quality, accuracy and compliance, ensuring you receive the best possible service at all times.

To find out how an Offshore Accounting Partner can benefit you email us at

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