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  • An insight into the future of the IT staffing market
  • A look at the continuing growth in the market around diversity

The USA’s IT staffing market should see growth to $39 billion by 2024, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3% during 2018-2024, based on a study from “”.

The now flourishing USA economy, along with a steady low staffing trend across IT staffing firms, has undoubtedly been a factor in the growth level. The ever-increasing use of social media recruitment platforms has also driven the next generation of candidates towards the best IT jobs, further contributing to growth. The new generation of tech-savvy job hunters has found themselves naturally skilled in the use and understanding of social media.

The USA’s IT staffing market has been driven continually, by technological advancements and investments around the ever-evolving IT market; driving more and more revenue opportunities towards the IT recruitment sector. With the popularity around technology showing no signs of slowing, the investments surrounding it should follow suit and present more avenues to explore for IT staffing firms.

The cultures among IT organisations are ever-growing, and recruitment firms are actively focusing on the ideas of diversity and inclusivity in their procedures around employment. The desire to see a man as a top executive is no longer the goal; instead, variety and a mix of talented individuals is the main objective. Amongst focusing on gender, there is an interest in the employment of the disabled community with more companies looking to diversify and build the cultural aspect within their firms.

The structure of the USA workforce has seen a significant shift in recent years. Now, more than one-third of the workforce is accounted for by those aged between 22-37 with more than 50% of that third positioning themselves in business and professional service industries. Further figures are reflecting the blend of genders, with females accounting for almost 46% of 22-37-year olds across the USA.

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The USA IT staffing market depends on the constant growth of the US economy and firms are continuously working to gain an advantage over their competitors by enhancing their hiring processes. Add to that the rising interest around diversifying the workplace, strategies for expansion are firmly in place.

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