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about ims peopleWe are often asked about the implementation of offshore recruitment services. Our responsibility is to mirror your process and remain transparent to your internal team and clients. Therefore the implementation process and strategy vary to some degree by client; however each plan contains the following basic components:

Background research

IMS People team leaders research all available public information to ensure they understand your business strategy, culture and unique selling points. At this stage, the team leader will also benefit from direct input from you, through phone interviews with your internal contact, plus available marketing material or sales scripts. This initial groundwork is a time investment that ultimately allows us to best understand the role we will play in your recruitment strategy. Additionally, it gives us a solid foundation from which to later articulate to candidates why they should accept an offer from your client company.

Client briefing

Once we have researched and gained a solid foundation about your organization, we communicate directly with you to solidify our understanding, confirm the profile of your “ideal candidate” or better define the component of your process in which we will be engaged.

Client expectations

To ensure clarity of your expectations, we create a Statement of Work (SOW), such as “We need to make x number of calls, to make x number of submittals to generate x number of placements”. The SOW becomes the basis for the client SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT, which we utilize to manage our team’s activity levels, progress and overall performance.

Internal staffing

Based on the above information and our prior experience, we next create metrics and build a team that possesses the skills required for your engagement. Depending on timing the team is usually comprised of existing IMS People employees; however some projects may require us to source recruiters with specific skill sets. Once we have identified potential team members, the final selection is yours. You choose or reject individual team members based upon your assessment of their technical and verbal skills.

Recruitment plan/role responsibilities

We develop a specific recruitment plan that includes sourcing candidates, determining call levels, assessing, tracking and reporting requirements and assigning internal role responsibilities. We also agree on how our team would work/interact with your internal resources.

Candidate flow

This step varies greatly by client and is determined by what role IMS People is engaged to perform. In a retail environment (Non-VMS), an often-used and successful approach is for IMS People to identify an agreed-upon number of qualified, interested and available candidates. Candidates who meet all three criteria are quickly forwarded to you for the final selection process and presentation to your client. In a VMS environment the key measurement is many times speed of submittals. In all cases we complete the reporting required of our clients.


This step varies by client. It includes weekly contact between the IMS People team leader and the lead person from your staff. At the recruiter level, communication occurs as often as is necessary, usually multiple times per day. Ongoing and clear communication is critical to a successful engagement and must consist of timely and candid feedback by all involved parties.


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