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(From L-R): Lesley Horsburgh, Recruitment International Australia, Rod Hore Director – HHMC Australia, Amit Somaiya CEO IMS People Possible, Barry Asin President Staffing Industry Analysts.

After an evening of Bungee jumping – the attendees were all excited to kick off the sessions of the next day. MC Andrew Klein has lived up to his expectations. He was successful in keeping the mood of the audience all throughout the day. The sessionsfocused to explore the future of the recruitment business in terms of challenges as well as opportunities for the recruitment business owners with the advent of technology and more competitive global business environment.

The day started with an interesting Key note – Happy Business – Pull the other one from Craig Davis, International Business Expert and Entrepreneur. It gave an emotional angle on how business possibilities could be created to harness exemplary results. After two interesting presentations by Scott Wintrip – President Wintrip Consulting Group and John Healy – Vice President & Managing Director Global Talent Supply Chain Kelly Services, Miles Hunt – Empresaria Founder and successful entrepreneur presented a Key note on ‘Gaining competitive advantage”. His recipe for a successful business model through mplementation of the 6 P’s was refreshing. The presentation reinforced certain guiding principles – which everyone know but tend to miss out inadvertently.

After back to back concurrent sessions, Barry Asin – President Staffing Industry Analyst, talked about “Global Staffing Trends And The Future Of Your Business”. Barry made a specific reference to IMS People Possible and Offshoring. Offshoring is picking up as a business strategy for recruitment companies (especially in the US) as they compete in the VMS space to be more cost effective and fast. The penetration of VMS like model’s is > 50% in the North American markets. Close to 15% to 17% in Europe and 10% to 12% in Australia. It is a matter of time that recruitment companies would look to implementing Offshoring within their business models to address the growing VMS segment. Delegates at the conference were eager to learn and made the best use of the opportunity presented by the speakers. They were excited and inquisitive at the same time.

The day long conference was enlightening. The strategies and solutions were the best part as they gave direction on how to sustain in the competition. Barry Asins’s look through the crystal was petrifying. We all resist change. But it is inevitable. The other three scenarios he presented were all plausible. It clearly shows that Recruitment (People) business is complex. With a large number of variables such as legal/compliance, border regulations, killing/licensing, technology, language, skill shortages – the three scenarios of “Technology – Direct Connection”, “VMS – Everywhere”, and “Talent as a Winner” are probably going to converge somewhere and industry would revolve on these three axis to find its way forward. To conclude, we can say that it is exciting to see the opportunities waiting at the door.

The last day of the RCSA conference is going to be a real value addition with lots of thoughtful
insights from speakers like Ross Clennett FRCSA – NLP Master Practitioner, Peter Williams – Thought Leader and Practitioner, Rob Davidson – Founder and Director Davidson Recruitment, some very important concurrent sessions and a grand farewell cocktail party. Above all, the key session for the final day would be – Knowledge Exchange Roundtable Discussion. It would be a platform for an exchange of business ideas. This time, Amit Somaiya, CEO IMS People Possible, India, would be sharing his thoughtful insights on a strategic issue – Why offshore outsourcing is a rapidly growing strategy for agencies globally. We would invite you to attend the session and know more about how Offshoring has helped other business across the globe and how it can help you grow yours.

Yesterday was a perfect start, today it was a massive knowledge exchange and tomorrow it would stretch beyond your hopes. Stay updated with us.

See you tomorrow!

Picture Courtesy: Rod Hore, HHMC Australia.