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  • IMS People Possible provide our tips for reducing exterior maintenance costs.
  • We explore each of the points below, expanding on the benefits of each.

Regular lawn maintenance is essential for maintaining its beauty, but a quality lawn service often incurs quite a high cost. Here are some tips to help you cut down on maintenance costs, and preserve the quality in your lawn:

1. Portfolio Consolidation:

Adapting your approach to exterior maintenance from various venders to utilizing only a selected few, can generate a considerable saving on management costs, a reduction in admin tasks like invoicing or reporting, and increase the efficiency of the completed work. It also reduces the risk or theft and places more accountability on the companies used for the maintenance work to maintain their reputation as a firm.

2. Asset Review:

For those that have assets across various locations, you may find that analyzing how much you spend per site, can help you plan for future projects and highlight areas that could be operated in a more cost-efficient manner. You can adapt your services much easier while maintaining quality across all sites. It will also help aid in understanding the rules, regulations, fertility, etc. of any future locations you plan to expand.

3. Assess Priorities:

Creating a list of priority services is crucial to ensure essential requirements are consistently met, and it provides you with an insight into the best areas to invest. Consolidating your providers can pay dividends in this aspect, they can lend their knowledge, offer sound advice on where your priorities lie and can provide clarity to your long-term goals.

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4. Preventative Maintenance:

It may be easy to overlook some of the more menial maintenance tasks like tree pruning or regular checks on irrigation systems, but there is a wealth of value to be reaped from it. Not only will it improve the aesthetics of the property, but it will also act as a preventative form of maintenance to reduce the likelihood of costly servicing and repairs further down the line. A proactive approach to maintenance can provide abundant savings and increased quality across your properties.

5. Consider a National Provider:

National providers often have the benefit of a vast amount of resources, experience, and workforce, making it very beneficial for you to have one on board. It also provides you with the peace of mind that each person working on your properties are regulated and trained to conform to national rules and standards. A national provider also has the increased ability to expand with your requirements and have a much bigger capability should any of your properties fall victim to emergencies like storms or hurricanes.

By utilizing the right provider(s) for your business and property preservation requirements, you can increase your cost efficiency, productivity, and compliance.