1. How do you retain VA staff?

By making them feel valued! Other things you could do are integrating them closely with your business as valued team members, providing continuous training and support, offering competitive remuneration, acknowledging their contributions, and cultivating a positive and collaborative work environment.

2. Where would you recommend going to source offshore partners?

Ask for recommendations from businesses who already outsource! To find good offshore partners, ask a lot of questions about their processes, data security, client testimonials. Do your own research online, attend industry events or conferences, network with other businesses using offshore services, and seek recommendations from trusted sources.

3. How is it applicable when it comes to HR-related inquiries?

You can effectively manage HR-related inquiries offshore by training your offshore resource thoroughly before deploying them, ensuring compliance with local regulations and fostering a collaborative work environment between onshore and offshore teams.

4. How much does getting an experienced Recruitment Consultant offshore cost?

Hiring an experienced Recruitment Consultant offshore can cost between $900 to $1400 per person per month, depending on factors like skill level, expertise, and additional services required.

5. What are the top security measures you expect?

Top security measures for offshore recruitment include GDPR compliance, no phones on the floor, secure servers, secure communication channels, using VPNs and encrypted software, conducting regular security audits, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations, and providing employee training on cybersecurity best practices.

6. Do you believe it is truly possible to have an offshore person carry out full recruitment BD, including voice, to secure meetings to discuss and agree on terms for hiring for that company, etc.?

While some aspects of recruitment BD can be handled offshore, such as sourcing candidates and initial engagement, strategic BD involving client acquisition and negotiation is typically best managed onshore or hybrid due to the need for in-person meetings and a deep understanding of local markets. But yes, it is possible.

7. What are the challenges from the people working offshore point of view & most of the time when dealing with companies in the UK?

Challenges for offshore staff may include cultural differences, feeling isolated and unheard or unvalued, time zone discrepancies, and miscommunication. From the perspective of UK companies, challenges may include trust issues, quality concerns, and difficulties in setting expectations right from the beginning.

8. As an SME recruitment agency, how long should I wait before an offshore recruiter come up to speed?

An SME recruitment agency should expect an offshore recruiter to come up to speed within 8 to 12 weeks, with a gradual progression from basic tasks to more complex responsibilities as they gain experience and familiarity with the role.

9. If it doesn’t work out the first time with a recruiter, would you recommend giving up the offshore or hiring someone else?

If it doesn’t work out with a recruiter initially, it’s advisable to impartially assess the reasons for the lack of success, provide feedback and support for improvement, and consider hiring a different offshore recruiter, if necessary, rather than giving up on the concept of offshore recruitment altogether.

10. What has been the most effective way any of your clients have utilised an outsource partner?

The most effective way our clients have utilised an outsource partner is by integrating them seamlessly into their workflow, providing clear instructions and expectations right from the very beginning, fostering truly open communication both ways, and regularly monitoring performance to ensure alignment with business objectives.

11. I’ve used UpWork in the past. What other platforms would you recommend, or are they all pretty similar?

In addition to Upwork, other platforms like Freelancer, Guru, Toptal, and offer similar services for sourcing offshore talent. It’s essential to evaluate each platform based on factors like reputation, user reviews, fees, and the quality of candidates available.

12. Can we also get people on the BD side and not only resources?

Yes, it’s possible to hire people on the BD side offshore, but the extent of their responsibilities may vary depending on the nature of the role and the level of client interaction required. Tasks like lead generation, initial outreach, and follow-up communications can often be handled offshore easily, while strategic BD activities may be best managed onshore.