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For a recruitment business, sales and delivery teams need to work hand-in-hand to ensure continued business success. The sales team acquires clients, and the delivery team ensures that clients receive the right candidates on time and within their budgets. Both these teams are responsible for client retention and client satisfaction.

But what if the balance between these teams is impaired? What if the sales manager signs a client but does not receive timely responses from the delivery team? What if the delivery team cannot scale up on time to accommodate increased numbers of clients from the sales teams? What if the delivery team cannot provide concentrated support for new client requirements? What if the sales team loses new clients because of a lack of high-quality CV submissions?

Do you relate to any of the above situations? As a salesperson, are these your pain areas? Then Offshore Recruitment Services could be the answer for you.
Meet Kris Kumar, SVP of Business Development and Key Accounts at VMSA live on 6 April. He will talk about how offshore partnerships can empower staffing firms’ sales and delivery teams. Learn more about the following topics:

  • – A clear way to sell more effectively to your clients.
  • – Step-by-step information on how to align delivery teams to create successful client relationships.
  • – Solutions to help delivery teams deliver on time, every time.

See you at VMSA Live, April 5-7th, at Phoenix Arizona.