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A New Zealand GP hit the headlines recently after his hunt for a replacement caught the attention of the world’s media.

Alan Kenny, aged 61, is British-born but works as a GP in Tokoroa on New Zealand’s North Island, and explains that the increasing number of patients in the area means the income available to the local doctor is substantial.

“My practice has exploded in the last year and the more patients you list, the more money you get,” he told the New Zealand Herald.

“But it just gets too much at the end of the day. Just because I earn lots of money, doesn’t mean I want to work my butt off.”

The practice where Dr Kenny works has six doctors and 6,000 patients, leading to a workload of more than 40 patients a day – which he says he has cancelled holidays to keep up with.

But despite offering “a really, really amazing income” roughly twice as much as a New Zealand GP would normally expect to be paid, he says he finds it hard to attract new employees for the practice.

“I love my work and I would like to stay but I hit my head against a brick wall trying to attract doctors,” he told the NZ Herald.

“If it’s hard enough to get doctors to work alongside me, it’s going to be a devil of a job to get doctors to replace me.”

According to reports, the salary for the position is around £190,000, and the role also offers three months of holiday per year – assuming the doctors are able to take time out from the patient workload.

Yet in two years of looking, Dr Kenny has been unable to fill the vacancy, which has left him and his colleagues stretched even further, and prompted him to launch this new international appeal for applicants.

His hunt also highlights how even for the most appealing of positions – with great salary and holidays, in a tranquil location – it can still prove difficult to attract the right talent.

But with a global search, international recruitment specialists can cast the widest possible net, helping to identify candidates wherever in the world they may be.

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