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Picking the right Offshore Recruitment Services (ORS) partner to assist your staffing firm in gaining a commercial advantage in your marketplaces has always been paramount.

However, since the introduction of the new and more stringent GDPR regulations in May 2018 the need is even greater, as non-compliance can lead to large fines for all involved.

At IMS People Possible our global client base, including many from EU member states, have always demanded from us a total commitment to meeting the highest standards for data storage, security and confidentiality and we have been proud to always meet and exceed these demands.

As part of the Empresaria Group Plc we have spent many months working on our GDPR compliance programme and helping our clients prepare for their obligations under GDPR.

We began from a very strong starting position in relation to privacy and data protection and our new aim was to guarantee all our clients that we will process data in accordance with our obligations under GDPR and all relevant data protection laws, particularly in relation to cross-border transfers.

Being one of the world’s leading ORS companies who help staffing firms globally with our extensive range of tailored recruitment, administrative and accounting services and we have chosen to show our commitment by implementing the following features:

IMS People Possible is GDPR ready. Know how we help staffing companies across the globe
  • To be guided by the Empresaria Group policies for Data Protection
  • To employ a Senior Manager Data Protection and Compliance who ensures that the Official infringement response plans established by Empresaria Group are implemented and the controls are in place necessary for international data transfers.
  • To process EU personal data on behalf of our data controller clients (staffing firms), we have data processing agreements in place. These provide adequate safeguards for transferring data outside the EEA and incorporate the standard contractual clauses adopted by the EU
  • We do not use sub-processors to process data on behalf of our clients
  • We have breach reporting processes in place in the unlikely event of a data security breach, as well as processes for dealing with requests from data subjects
  • We always guarantee to take data security very seriously and ensure that we take appropriate organisational and technological measures to safeguard personal data
  • We were already ISO certified in data security (ISMS 27001:2013), Quality Management (ISO 9001:2015) and cyber essentials certified
  • Our employees are subject to strict confidentiality provisions and undergo through ongoing training in data protection, privacy and data security

Please see our Privacy Policy for further details.