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In today’s database-driven recruitment world, agencies rely on up-to-date electronic information about candidates and clients. These databases need to be of a very high quality and kept constantly updated. It’s a huge demand on a recruiters’ precious time!

Database regeneration is a vitally important yet time consuming task that can easily be put off. Given that your talent pool is one of your most powerful recruitment tools it’s a foolish thing to do.

Time is precious, work smarter not harder

Working with a first-class offshore recruitment services partner is the key to success in today’s fast moving world of talent acquisition and retention. Offering the ability to quickly adapt to your needs, ensuring you benefit from cost savings and time optimization – leaving you free to focus on the strategic growth and development of your business.

A trusted offshore recruitment partner like IMS supports to reactivate your existing database, to ensure your business performs to it’s maximum potential. IMS delivers careful validation by highly trained research consultants, validation that can reap huge rewards, keeping your contacts alive and ready for your next assignments.

Keeping your Database Updated helps you hire relevant candidates faster. Outsource it to a trusted ORS Partner

Database regeneration is just part of what we call ‘The Second Generation of Offshore Recruitment Services’ – reducing your candidate acquisition costs by transferring time consuming and expensive tasks to a trusted partner. Recruitment agencies who work with IMS see massive benefits and have the reassurance of working with ISO:9001 certified recruitment professionals of the highest quality, whilst making significant cost savings. IMS can offer a high degree of flexibility both from a working arrangement and workforce perspective, taking away the worry, and added costs and time implications, of taking on extra staff internally.

Work smarter not harder with a partner you can trust. To find out more about how IMS can help you to maximise your potential, email us at

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