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Healthcare is a 24/7 occupation, so it’s important for healthcare agencies to be able to fill vacancies whenever they become available – even if they are received in the early morning or after normal business hours.

This ties in with the NHS pledge to offer healthcare services to patients whenever they need them – regardless of day or night – including out-of-hours alternatives to GP appointments and emergency medical treatment too.

As a result, in some areas the workload can potentially be even greater out of hours, as healthcare providers take on the additional responsibility of dealing with enquiries that GPs would handle in the daytime.

Out-of-hours care on the NHS can include:

  • Ambulance services to relocate patients or to reduce the need for home visits.
  • Home visits by healthcare professionals other than doctors.
  • GPs working from walk-in centres, urgent care centres and A&E departments.
  • Healthcare teams working from the same locations or from primary care centres and minor injury units.

All of this adds to the need for qualified and experienced staff at all hours of the night, and often the roles require even more specialist knowledge than general daytime cover for absentees or holidays.

Meeting these needs is crucial to delivering the required standard of patient care, as well as complying with NHS requirements for round-the-clock delivery of healthcare services.

Weekend Work? No Problem! We support you 24/7

How IMS People Possible can help

At IMS People Possible our Out of Hours support (or ‘OOH’ for short) allows you to respond 24 hours a day, ensuring you never miss out on an opportunity.

This is more than just good business sense, as 24-hour availability is also mandatory under NHS framework compliance, and our OOH services help you to deliver this if you do not have the onshore capabilities to do so.

A typical arrangement might see us cover the period from afternoon to late night from Thursdays to Mondays – which can include support to cover Bank Holidays, as well.

By aligning our OOH services with the peak times and the occasional added complication of Bank Holidays, we ensure that we are here when you need us the most.

IMS People Possible work alongside your own team to provide support only where you need it, to the highest standard. To find out more about how our OOH support services can help you, email us at

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