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It was a wonderful experience attending the VMSA Live 2017, IMS People Possible also got a chance to speak at this event.

Our key focus this year was the balance between sales and delivery teams and the mutual reliance on each other to achieve business success. As a provider of Offshore Recruitment Services (ORS) to recruitment businesses we are at the front line when it comes to working with agencies to effectively manage fluctuating demands in this key area.

Feedback from attendees was interesting. One of the most worrying things I discovered whilst talking to them was the general lack of dedicated delivery team for internal sales support in so many companies. Whilst the need for support was universally accepted many providers simply didn’t feel they had sufficient provision in place and were unsure whether to adopt an internal or outsourced approach for their businesses. There was a debate whether to utilise an ORS partner or not and some people agreed that an Offshore Recruitment Partner can help them.

What is universally important of course is the need for high quality performance and effectiveness, especially when dealing with new clients. As we know first impressions last and the recruitment company owners we spoke to were all keen to adopt an approach which delivered the quality required but in a hassle free way that kept a keen eye firmly on ROI. To achieve this the benefits of ORS definitely stacked up as the preferred approach.

The ORS approach offers a tried and tested fully trackable and scalable solution for recruitment companies of all sizes and gives them the reassurance to grow at any rate safe in the knowledge that they will deliver a consistently high service to new and existing clients alike.

Enable your Sales team with a Dedicated Offshore Delivery Team.

Even for agencies who want to scale up their internal operations, the help of a good ORS provider is seen as invaluable when building sales support if only to test the water in a cost effective manner. Plus, the ability to adopt a Built Operate Transfer (BOT) approach which allows agencies to work with the ORS to build a process, refine it and then transfer it to an onsite team who can handle the process themselves is helpful.

It certainly was an interesting event and gave a lot of food for thought to our visitors. One thing was for certain, the solutions offered by IMS People Possible were definitely seen as a sensible approach to supporting sales teams.