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So you’ve made the progressive decision to partner with an Offshore Recruitment Services partner (ORS), or you’re really thinking about it. You’re looking forward to your in-house team off-loading all those important but time-consuming tasks, allowing them to be more productive and able to focus their skills where most needed; growing the business. You’re thinking about the strategic advantage you’re going to gain when the highest quality talent is made available to you, in the most cost-effective and time-saving way. The cost savings of about one-third to one-half are probably in your thoughts too, let’s be honest.

With all those benefits on your mind along with the decision to offshore your recruitment activities, you would need to consider the other side of it too – i.e. the candidate side. With your candidates interacting with both your onshore and offshore recruiters it is essential that your candidates receive a flawless experience.

How can you make sure that your candidate experience doesn’t change and remains flawless?

Communication is the key foundation of an ORS Partnership. Consult and expert to find out what other Best Practices you should follow

Well, an effective recruitment partnership with an ORS partner is not automatic and you need to make the relationship work for you. The only way to achieve this is to see your ORS partner as a trusted ally and essentially, part of your internal team. This means that the actions of the ORS Partner should reflect your own internal processes, culture, and communication. In other words, the only difference is they are working remotely, and not from your office.

As an ORS provider, we, at IMS People Possible, find regular and clear communication the foundation of what we do. Through asking for regular feedback, weekly calls and online meetings with senior managers we can focus on developing and maintaining our relationships based on trust, communication, and mutual core values. This combined with robust account management and rigorous quality control, allows for a positive candidate experience, clear brand awareness and, in the long term, the success of our client’s recruitment strategy.

Additionally, at various intervals, you should plan on visiting your team at IMS People Possible so that you can brief and train them on your culture and values and give feedback. This enables all teams to be on the same path, ensures everyone has the information they need about your business’ strategy and culture and provides the candidate with the seamless experience desired.

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