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Being a recruiter is hard work. Finding excellent candidates is even harder. You already know that your success as a business depends on how you grow your talent pool but have you stopped to think how important it is to focus on keeping that talent under your wing once you have it?

You have to nurture and grow your candidate relationships – after all, recruitment is all about people, and as we all know people like to feel appreciated and cherished. If a candidate doesn’t feel the love they might just go elsewhere.

How to stop this happening? Candidate Loyalty Programs build relationships that tackle this problem head on. The programs we deliver here at IMS on behalf of our clients build meaningful communications that build relationships with the candidates in your talent pool.

Your candidates and contractors are precious, let them know it

How do you maintain candidate loyalty such that they look for you for their next assignment?

The end result is simple, in their minds you become the only recruiter they need to consider. Vital when the candidate comes to search for that next opportunity. Working with a trusted offshore recruitment partner like IMS to develop a Candidate Loyalty Programme helps to ensure your business protects itself for the curse of lost talent. IMS are a world-leading offshore recruiting partner and offer recruitment agencies the flexibility of on-going support as well as creative one off solutions.

Developing and delivering a strategic Candidate Loyalty Programme is just part of what we call ‘The Second Generation of Offshore Recruitment Services’ – reducing your candidate acquisition costs by transferring time consuming and expensive tasks to a trusted partner. Recruiters who work with IMS see massive benefits and have the reassurance of working with ISO:9001 certified recruitment professionals of the highest quality, whilst making significant cost savings. IMS can offer a high degree of flexibility both from a working arrangement and workforce perspective, taking away the worry, and added costs and time implications, of taking on extra staff internally.

Working with a first-class offshore recruitment services partner like IMS is the key to success in today’s fast moving world of talent acquisition and retention. Offering the ability to quickly adapt to your needs, ensuring you benefit from cost savings and time optimization – leaving you free to focus on the strategic growth and development of your business.

Work smarter not harder with a partner you can trust. To find out more about how IMS can help you to develop a loyalty plan, email us at

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