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The healthcare sector, and the recruitment agencies who supply it, have both been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, as with so many other businesses in countries across the globe. As the UK remains one of the most affected nations due to COVID-19, it is becoming more and more important for businesses to be prepared and plan for the new future.

As many industries begin to build momentum in approaching the new normal, we note the different impacts that the pandemic has had on different markets. For example, the IT industry has not taken as big of a hit as others, due to the increase in demand for online services while remaining safe at home. The IT and Technology industries also experienced minimal issues when it came to moving workforces to remote working. Employees were able to easily move and pick up working from home quickly and with little disruption to workflow. Pharmaceuticals is another, non-core healthcare sector, which has benefitted from a surge in demand. The rising popularity of such services has consequently led to an increased need for talented candidates within these sectors.

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According to APSCo, more than 79% of recruitment agencies in the UK are planning on reviewing their need for office space, with 31% stating they will definitely downsize due to loss of business caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Of almost 40,000 recruitment firms in the UK, the survey also stated that 48% will not go ahead with office expansion plans, which had previously been decided on before the pandemic. Ann Swain, Chief Executive of APSCo, said “the biggest two cost bases to recruitment firms are people and premises and so it is not surprising that companies are looking to reduce those costs against a backdrop of a significant fall in business”. The recruitment sector has been hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis and despite government support packages such as the Job Retention Scheme, 46% of respondents are still planning on making redundancies and reducing office space.

With uncertainty still lingering across UK markets, recruitment agencies must carefully consider any costs that they may incur. As markets begin to pick up, starting with those within IT and Healthcare sectors, recruitment will become an essential component to the inception of the new normal. Agencies will need to expand and hire additional recruitment consultants in order to attract new contracts, while avoiding heavy costs in recruitment and office space.

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