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Over recent months, lockdown rules have been in place across the UK and many other countries around the world. With Covid-19 restricting all non-essential travel, many people were cautious about visiting their GP and so avoided attending regular check-up’s and utilising other allied healthcare services.

Instead, during this time people have begun to embrace technology in the healthcare industry. Both GP’s and their patients are now using telemedicine and online consultation services more than ever before.

Alongside GP’s, Dieticians, Music Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Phycologists are just a few of the allied healthcare service providers that are contributing to the rise in demand for digitally enabled healthcare.

The adaptation of allied healthcare services has led to them becoming more accessible; appointments are quick and easy to obtain and require very little time or effort for patients to attend online. The rising popularity of such services, now that platforms have been perfected on which for them to take place, has consequently led to an increased need for healthcare professionals.

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According to an article published recently in The Health Times, lockdown has seen a great rise in candidates for Physiotherapist and Psychologist roles. The availability of telemedicine and online video consultation were listed as one of the primary reasons for the spike in demand for these professionals.

During the pandemic, businesses have been forced to cut costs where possible. Many businesses, including recruitment agencies, have lost or furloughed employees; but with the spike in demand for healthcare professionals not slowing down, healthcare recruitment agencies are preparing to bounce back and supply the market with top talent.

With uncertainty still lingering across the recruitment industry, many business owners and hiring managers are feeling hesitant to begin costly and lengthy recruitment processes. IMS People Possible can help you to overcome the cost barrier to recruitment, connecting you with top quality candidates to kick start your recruitment operations, expand your business, achieve your targets and increase profits, without incurring heavy costs.

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