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This blog was first published on Staffing Stream

Those of us who work in recruitment and staffing understand that there is a war for talent; many sectors are facing widespread skills shortages; the way people work is ever evolving and although every day there are more and more ways of targeting candidates, the elusive passive candidate is still as hard to reach and engage with as ever before.

This is the time when we find our customers most want and need to speak to us about starting a partnership: They need our expertise, knowledge and experience in recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) to guide them and our invaluable support and assistance to free them to focus on their own skills and core businesses.

Our clients are so often in need of help when we start partnering with them; help in developing processes that attract and allow engagement with the best talent and help with securing that talent. Help with minimizing operational complexity, reducing turnaround times, developing consistent talent acquisition processes, and help with scaling up quickly when the business environment requires; all without compromising on quality.

Compromise is not a word that should come into your relationship with your offshore recruitment services (ORS) partner. Companies that embrace external RPOs partners should demand a proactive and innovative offering and should require a strategic partner with the depth of knowledge and breadth of capabilities that fully harness technology.

It is essential that you, and your partner, never forget that your ORS partner’s purpose is to help you achieve your goals and in order to do this they have to offer full transparency in everything they do and be fully willing to provide quantifiable metric reporting that not only measures their service and performance but can be interpreted in order to drive improvements.

Increase fill rates and improve productivity

Not every ORS provider is willing, or able, to provide recruiting metrics that measure recruiting impact so picking the right one is key. Pick someone who will take the time to get to know your business and the challenges you are facing and who is willing to give you the metrics that you can use to measure if your goals are being met by them in the best way possible.

So, what recruitment metrics should an ORS partner provide so that you can measure their success?

Ensure your ORS partner provides the following fundamental metrics:

  • Jobs to Submissions: this metric highlights the ratio of jobs you submit for your ORS partner to fill compared with the number of CVs they submit to you to be reviewed. This allows you to see the numbers, quality and relevance of the candidates offered.
  • Submissions to Interview: this metric allows you to measure the ratio of candidates submitted compared to how many relevant candidates were interviewed. This metric evaluates the quality of screening process and recruiters’ effectiveness.
  • Interviews to Start: out of the interviewed candidates how many actually joined your business. This allows you to evaluate how your ORS partner manages the candidate experience and how they can convert CVs into real candidates who you want to employ.
  • Submissions to Start: What was the ratio of CV submissions to the candidates actually joined the organization. Again, this highlights how good your ORS partner is at candidate management, an essential part of any modern recruitment process, and the conversion rates they offer.
  • Fill rates Per Resource: This metric really challenges your ORS partner as it highlights the effectiveness of every member of their team. You will be able to consider each recruiter’s submitted candidates, their suitability and if the candidates were interviewed and selected.
  • Start Per Resource: Again, this metric measures how each recruiter performed by monitoring how many candidates offered jobs actually joined your business.

These metrics really open your relationship with your ORS partner to total scrutiny and transparency. It is essential that any ORS partner you choose to work with sees it as an essential part of the relationship to willingly offer these in-depth metrics so you can fully monitor the success of the partnership on an ongoing basis.