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Many recruitment organizations across the globe look at ORS as not only a vital method to reduce cost and improve efficiency of their existing staff, but also as a necessity to stay a globally competitive force. The growth of ORS is swift paced and will continue to hold great promise for companies that do it right. There still exists a lot of Myths which may discourage companies needlessly to peruse an ORS Model. I have uncovered the most common myths in my article:

Myth 1. Offshore vendors are difficult to manage. It can risk the reputation of a business A common illusion is that ORS takes away your control on your business, but that?s not the case. Instead, it should be viewed as a strategic, cost-effective solution that gives your business more flexibility and the space to grow. Engaging a specialist will not only increase cost efficiencies but you’re likely to receive a better quality service as well.

Myth 2. ORS might save us money, but it will compromise quality Since the enthusiasm for offshoring was driven by the opportunity to reduce costs, offshoring industry is misinterpreted by many as only a cost savings method. Over the years ORS has proved that it is no longer only a cost reduction option ? it is in fact evolved as method to achieve enhanced quality of customer service.

Offshore Recruitment Services partner help clients reduce costs, improve margins and increase fill orders

Myth 3.ORS vendor should be able to deliver the same what we can, that too from the word Go ORS has its gestation period and there is a learning curve, during which there are expected teething issues and this has to be understood. Setting a road map complimented with a monthly SLA and KPIs will ensure that the partnership flourishes with time

Myth 4. Offshore vendors will constantly make up excuses for not delivering To avoid such hurdles, ensure you choose an offshore partner which is very competent and follow high standard of work ethic. Keeping both parties involved, motivating the team, acknowledging the progress, reviewing the project timely, answering queries and addressing any potential Problem can do wonders to avoid complications and conflicts.

Myth 5. Only large businesses can benefit from ORS ORS can benefit companies of all sizes, the key for growing businesses is managing resources through the peaks and troughs, so the ability to scale up and down as per the business need is a massive advantage when it comes to controlling costs. ORS enhances company’s performance by delivering true value and profit for the business in a cost-efficient way.Once relieved of the burden of trying to do everything by its own, companies will suddenly find they have the time to concentrate on their core skills applying it to help their business grow. If you have come across any other myths please share in the comments box. If you would like to consult IMS People Possible about the set up and implementation of ORS for your recruitment business call us on +44 203 106 2764.

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