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Does your staffing company have enough job openings but not enough candidates? Are your recruiting costs hindering your profitability?

In the present digital economy, timely access to the right talent at the right time not only allows you to save on cost but also boosts efficiency, ensuring you maintain the growth momentum. Moreover, the strategic and operational cost expended by independently owned staffing firms like yours in finding the right personnel and resources for the company can be daunting.

Therefore, it is best to allocate certain recruiting tasks from your in-house recruiting team to an offshore recruitment service provider that already has a wide network and a team of experienced and vetted professionals in place.

Leading offshore recruitment services companies like IMS People Possible provide staffing firms with services like sourcing, formatting and government credentialing to full-cycle recruiting. This enables independent staffing firms like yours to focus on core functions of your business and delegate the rest to expert teams of professionals who bring both experience and expertise.

Thus you have dedicated team of highly trained and skilled recruitment professionals to carry out the recruitment function and fill in the talent gaps as and when they arise, all at just a fraction of the cost you would have incurred to set it up in-house.

A trusted ORS Partner that helps you improve margin, recduce costs and fill more orders
Offshore Recruitment Providers as Growth Partners:

Reduce cost per hire:
Offshore recruitment service provider help save on overhead costs like office space, supplies and furniture in addition to wages, benefits and incentives. This however depends on your ability to maximize the efficiency of the offshore partner as also the choice of a correct partner

Increase speed of sourcing and hiring:
Instant access to globally acclaimed, vetted and highly-skilled professionals from the recruitment industry allows you to leverage their experience and get staffing solutions within tight margins and with fast response time.

Gives your business flexibility and space to grow:
Choosing offshore recruitment services gives you access to recruitment specialists who bring real value and quality to recruiting with their expertise and experience. As your partner they help you reduce costs and increase the productivity of your staffing company due to reduced attrition, reduced time-to-fill and improving the quality of hires and processes.

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