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In previous articles we have talked about how hard it is to find excellent candidates – and how keeping hold of them is vital to future success of any recruitment business. To the candidate, the transition from one contract to another is a nerve-racking time. A time when your skills as a recruiter are called upon with the utmost urgency.

For the candidate facing a potential period of unemployment, it’s crunch time. It’s doubt over the ability to pay the rent or mortgage, the choice between having to get into debt or not pay some of their bills. This stress is not just encountered at the end of a contract however, it’s a worry for the candidate regardless of what stage of the employment cycle they are at.

Throughout a contract the candidate is always conscious that the next transitional period in their career is looming. Anything you can do as a recruiter to help minimise or eliminate this period is rewarded ten-fold with the long term relationship loyalty you build with your candidates.

It’s common sense really. As a recruiter you spend thousands of dollars each year attracting candidates. Yet it is so easy to lose them along the way by simply not maintaining those relationships. It’s like throwing money down the drain.

How to stop this happening? Candidate Loyalty Programs build relationships that tackle this problem head on. The programs build meaningful communications that build relationships with the candidates in your talent pool. The end result is simple, for the candidate you become the the only recruiter they need to consider. Vital when the candidate comes to search for that next opportunity.

How do you maintain candidate loyalty such that they look for you for their next assignment?

A dedicated and well executed Candidate Loyalty Program is essential to any recruitment agency looking for long term growth and security. Programmes help to ensure your business protects itself for the curse of lost talent. It’s a win – win situation – for you and your candidates!

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