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Operating Principles


about ims peopleWe understand that the foundation of our relationship with our clients is trust. We earn that trust by adhering to the following principles that guide our business culture and daily interactions:


Our commitment is to identify qualified, interested and available candidates quickly or to assist you with related projects such as research, credentialing or audits. In either case, we will meet or exceed your expectations. Your IMS People team members are accountable for achieving all agreed-upon targets. IMS People will seek input from you on a weekly basis to fine-tune our ability to find appropriate candidates.


Your IMS People team members will have the same sense of urgency as the rest of your organization. We will communicate at the level of detail and as frequently as is required, by both parties. Communication between our client and our recruiter is indispensable. This level of interaction allows IMS People to provide reliable performance.

Quality of Staff

We will be very selective when choosing your IMS People team. Our team members are well-trained, highly motivated and fairly compensated. Our goal is to keep turnover to a minimum, improving our ability to become a “member of your team.”


Your IMS People team will adapt and adjust to your changing requirements. As directed by you, we will focus on the specific jobs, markets or sectors that maximize your ability to meet your client company’s expectations.


Our success is the result of our ability to measure every aspect of our performance. We compile and track a comprehensive set of activities that ensure that we meet or exceed your expectations.

Competitive Cost

Our value will be measured by our results. Our pricing will always be competitive for the services we perform.


We are accountable to the confidentiality agreements we sign. We recognize, as your partner, that IMS People may acquire or access proprietary or sensitive information, which is key to your business. Our commitment to confidentiality goes beyond the legal documents and extends to a philosophy about how we do business.


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