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Ims Advantages

Why IMS People ?

The many benefits of offshore recruitment indicate that the service will become a standard operating model for successful recruiters. IMS People offers several unique advantages that can make the most of your offshore recruitment partnership.


about ims peopleAs an IMS People client, you have direct access to your onshore advisor at every stage of your IMS People partnership. Each of our advisors is a staffing/recruitment executive with years of C-level experience and well-earned insight into the staffing industry in your country. IMS People advisors have themselves used and are strong believers in the viability and advantages of offshore recruitment. Our advisors retain contact with each client from initial setup through implementation and are a consistently available resource for you and your staff.

Meet Your IMS People Onshore Advisors

Excellent people

The IMS People team is a rich mix of more than 200 high-performing recruitment professionals who represent and understand cultural differences and regularly work with clients whose diverse recruitment outcomes must meet industry and country-specific requirements. Our strong company culture and vibrant team spirit help us attract excellent employees who effectively become an extension of your team. Our internal retention rates are excellent and our recruiters are experienced in specific sectors.

Internal Leadership and Training

Our highly experienced core team members provide the skills and leadership to assure that each IMS People team member performs with integrity, honesty and uncompromised values. Each new IMS People employee undergoes a rigorous interview process, and once on board works closely with a mentor who assists them in the first six months of employment. This hands-on training method reduces turnover and significantly increase our employees’ productivity.

Subject Matter Experts

We also have designated subject matter experts (SMEs) whose advanced knowledge is critical to both our strategic and tactical initiatives. These experts possess a high level of technical knowledge in specific business sectors, social media strategies and Boolean logic search techniques. They regularly share their knowledge with our team through training sessions geared to new or tenured IMS People employees.

Effective Account Management

IMS People’s well-developed account management process is integral to our corporate culture and is part of all new-hire and advanced training sessions. This process includes an early warning system to quickly address potential customer concerns, as well as a client satisfaction assessment system based on concepts developed by Fred Reichheld in his award-winning book The Ultimate Question, Driving Good Profits and True Growth. By effectively using Reichheld’s concept of Net Promoters, IMS People tracks our promoters and detractors to clearly measure our performance against our clients’ expectations.

Metrics and Communication

If your project requires team continuity, we will create a communication plan that provides you with necessary status reports and keeps our team continuously updated on the particulars of your engagement. We find that consistent, ongoing communication between our team and yours greatly adds to our efficiency and ability to meet your goals.

Executive Leadership

IMS People Founder and Principal Amit Somaiya is a staffing/recruitment veteran who oversees IMS offices in India, the US and UK, United Arab Emirates, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. A creative strategist and former CEO of two companies, Somaiya brings strong leadership and a dedication to innovative solutions. His forward-thinking management style and incorporation of new and established best practices permeate the IMS People culture and result in successful, long-term client relationships.

Global perspective, Local focus

IMS People has a global presence but brings a local focus to the markets we serve. Having placed hundreds of candidates in countries throughout the world, IMS People recruiters understand country-specific labor laws and industry standards. IMS People is a part of Empresaria Group plc UK. Empresaria was founded in 1996 and operates 100 offices across 19 countries.
As an Empresaria company, IMS People is part of a highly regarded global operation that operates under public company regulations and undergoes regular audits. Our well-defined operating principles reflect Empresaria’s impressive standards and excellent reputation. As an IMS People client, you’ll enjoy the confidence of working with a stable and well-grounded staffing partner that is part of a highly regarded, worldwide organization.

Affiliations and Certifications

We take pride in our forward-thinking approach to offshore recruitment services. Not only do we provide you with solutions to common recruiting issues, but we also look for unique strategies that might reveal a new angle to meet your particular situation. To stay well-versed in current trends and best practices, we believe in the benefit of maintaining a strong presence within the staffing and recruitment industry. In addition to our internal staff development, we have cultivated a strong peer network and participate in the industry’s most respected professional associations.
To underscore our commitment to quality and integrity, we have undertaken and successfully achieved certifications that assure superior service and data security. We are both ISO 9001:2008 and ISMS ISO/IEC: 27001 certified.
IMS People is a corporate member of Staffing Industry Analysts, the global advisor on contingent staffing.


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