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  • Two months after IR35 reforms and it’s still chaos

    It’s been a little over 2 months since one of the largest and probably the most unpopular changes facing contractors working in healthcare in the UK was introduced. The government altered IR35 tax legislation to include locum and agency staff who work for a public body or recruitment agency with the aim of raising £185m […]

  • Launching our monthly newsletter, People Buzz

    We are delighted to announce the launch of our email newsletter, People Buzz. People Buzz will be knowledge driven and will focus on news and insights of the recruitment industry. The intention of the newsletter is to keep you, our readers, updated about the industry. It will also attempt to educate about how the Offshore […]

  • Why the right VMS support helps you grow your business

    Where VMS programs are concerned, there are definitely two clear camps. Camp one still despises the systems, convinced their role has been reduced to just collecting, screening and submitting resumes, making them feel just like a commodity. The other camp recognises the benefits of increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved compliance and spend visibility and have […]

  • Why you can’t ignore the need for constant database regeneration

    For most recruitment firms, their database is one of, if not the number one, most powerful recruitment tool they have. It holds a lot of value and like most assets if maintained and updated it can appreciate over time. When it comes to data, it is definitely quality not quantity that matters. Having thousands of […]

  • Latest Study Reveals More Than Half of UK IT Teams Will Struggle Due to lack of IT talent

    Skills shortages in IT are nothing new however a recent study₁ has further highlighted how concerns within the sector are at near critical levels. The research, which surveyed 630 IT leaders in the UK, US, France, Germany, Australia, and Singapore, indicates that many organisations are at a tipping point, as new technology demands are set […]

  • Full Cycle Recruitment Services For Your Recruitment Business Needs

    Offshore Recruitment Services for the US Markets Don’t let recruiter fatigue limit your business potential Recruiters often find it difficult to cope with the fluctuating workload and adjust their workforce to meet specific client demands. Not surprisingly, this leads to extended hours of inefficient work. It has an adverse effect on your business, where you […]

  • Agency compliances required for Independent Contractors

    As staffing professionals, it is vitally important to understand the many potential pitfalls of not following the correct procedures when appointing Independent Contractors. Aside from the correct contractual obligations required whilst onboarding new contractors, the legal rules and regulations surrounding appointments of this nature bring with them a myriad of potential legal minefields. The main […]

  • Forging the right path in supporting staffing firms sales and delivery teams – By Kris Kumar

    It was a wonderful experience attending the VMSA Live 2017, IMS People also got a chance to speak at this event. Our key focus this year was the balance between sales and delivery teams and the mutual reliance on each other to achieve business success. As a provider of Offshore Recruitment Services (ORS) to recruitment […]

  • Brexit – compounding the NHS staffing crisis

    Staff shortages have always been an ongoing issue for the NHS and the recent triggering of Brexit, the leaving of the UK from the European Union, has only made the problem more critical. A great deal of concern is centered on the fears that the UK Government is making the crisis worse by refusing to […]

  • Offshore Partnerships: Empowering Staffing Firms’ Sales and Delivery Teams

    For a recruitment business, sales and delivery teams need to work hand-in-hand to ensure continued business success. The sales team acquires clients, and the delivery team ensures that clients receive the right candidates on time and within their budgets. Both these teams are responsible for client retention and client satisfaction. But what if the balance […]


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